Transforming the Lives of Animals and People in Rajasthan, India

Welcome to TOLFA

TOLFA is a busy animal hospital and rescue centre in Rajasthan, Northern India. We work to eradicate rabies, rescue and treat injured animals, sterilise street dogs, provide animal welfare education and more. We’re an integral part of the community with over 50 local staff, and we’ve received international recognition for our work.

Learn more and get involved – you can make a difference in the lives of the animals and people we serve.

A female team member dressed in purple with a brown cow

Your donations make a real difference


Dogs spayed/neutered


Sick & injured animals helped


Dogs vaccinated against rabies

Support Our Work

Since 2005 we have been working in challenging conditions to help the suffering animals on India’s streets.

We can’t do any of it without your support.

The smallest donation can go a long way in India, so why not support our work today? Just £35 would feed ALL of our rescued animals for a whole day!

We believe that every animal deserves our help and is worthy of love and respect, that’s why we never turn an animal in need away.

Dog with head wound being treated by TOLFA staff in Kennels

Help Us Flood Proof Our Hospital

Since 2019 the worsening monsoon rains have caused flooding and structural damage to our hospital buildings. This means sick and injured animals have to be evacuated to other areas, which causes a lot of distress.

We have successfully flood-proofed other parts of our hospital by raising the floor levels. We plan to do this with the remaining buildings by lifting them up and correcting the water damage. When these works are undertaken will be able to continue helping animals in need and be able to provide the best chance of recovery for the animals in our care.



Two TOLFA staff walking away carrying dog during rains and flood