Anti Rabies and Sterilisation

Our sterilisation and rabies project ensures that street dogs have happier, healthier lives and the human community is protected from this fatal disease

Spaying and neutering is the only humane way of controlling the street dog population. Not only does it prevent unwanted puppies, but it also reduces a female’s chances of getting cancer and certain diseases. Neutering male dogs makes them less aggressive during breeding season and less likely to fight, meaning fewer injuries and infections.

India has the highest number of human deaths from rabies in the world, with the World Health Organisation estimating 95% of cases caused by an infected dog bite. TOLFA is committed to eradicating rabies in this particular area of Rajasthan and seeing that spread across the rest of India.

Rabies is 100% preventable through vaccination and that is why we vaccinate every dog we treat through our Rescue Project, as well as catching street dogs specifically for this purpose. We catch up to 15-20 street dogs a day to sterilise them and give them that all-important rabies shot.

Group of local people by the Tolfa van

TOLFA works in rural Rajasthan, where we see first-hand the devastating impact of rabies

We organised all the post-bite vaccinations and aftercare for this group of marginalised local people when a rabid dog was discovered in their tent camp on the outskirts of Pushkar.

India experiences over 20,000 human deaths from rabies per year (though the number of unreported cases could make this number much higher) with 40% of victims being under the age of 16 and with transmission via dog-bite contributing to 99% of all rabies cases in humans.

Although rabies is 99% fatal – IT IS 100% preventable through vaccination.

Just £10 will pay for 30 dogs to be vaccinated thereby reducing the risk and keeping people safe.