Sponsor an Animal

Sponsor one of our larger animals and provide care for former working animals from only £3 a month / £30 a year

Working animals in India have hard lives. They are used to carry heavy loads in construction, as rides for tourists and in other burden-heavy jobs, where they are often over-worked and abused. They are often abandoned if they become injured or old, which is incredibly sad for loyal animals like donkeys. Once rescued by TOLFA they are treated with kindness and love, their wounds are healed, and they are never made to work again.

By sponsoring one of our resident equines or camel, you are providing a peaceful retirement to an animal whose life had previously been full of hard work and pain. Your sponsorship helps us care for your chosen animal, as well as supporting our rescue project to help other working animals in need.

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Sponsor an Animal

A decorated camel - Suraksha