Owned Animal Clinics

There has been a definite increase in the number of owned companion animals in India since TOLFA began

Unfortunately, many pet dogs have been bought as status symbols with little regard to their actual needs and welfare. As such we often see dogs that are unsuited to the Rajasthani climate such as German Shepherds, Huskies and St Bernard’s.  These large, thick-haired breeds suffer in the heat and often end up with skin diseases and problems from malnourishment. We advise all potential dog-owners to consider adopting a local ‘desi’ street dog – they are perfectly adapted to the environment, are intelligent and loyal!

Clients of our Owned Animal Clinic pay a fee for treatment of their animals and this goes back to subsidising the free treatments offered by this and our Rural Animal Health project. The clinic is not only for pet animals like cats and dogs – we also treat owned larger animals like buffalo and cows.

When someone adopts a street dog or puppy from TOLFA they receive a Pet Record booklet to keep track of all their pet’s vaccinations and appointments. Adopted animals are given free treatment at TOLFA for the rest of their life.

We have Owner Kennels to admit pet dogs that need hospital care and also boarding kennels should the owner be going on a trip.

Two TOLFA team members with a labrador