Rural Animal Health

We help our local rural communities by providing a daily veterinary clinic for their animals

TOLFA is located in the countryside surrounded by farms and villages. Many of the local people are subsistence farmers whose livelihoods may depend on the animals they keep. For ethical reasons TOLFA won’t perform any procedures on animals designed to increase production or that go against the welfare needs of the individual animal. However we do believe that all animals should have access to good veterinary care. We hold daily Rural Animal Health clinics that are either free or largely subsidised for the animals belonging to people living in the ten closest villages that surround TOLFA.

The main species we see at these clinics are goats, usually brought in by the children that are responsible for grazing their family’s herd during the day. As well as treating the animals we are able to advise the owners on good health and welfare for their animals.

A smiling girl in a red scarf holding a brown goat kid