News and Events

TOLFA staff member wading through flood water, followed by a black dog

30th June 2023

Help Us Flood Proof Our Hospital

TOLFA staff member lovingly holding a ginger cat

5th April 2023

Fundraiser for New Cat Cages and Care

26th January 2023

Rescue Newsletter- Meet Domino: Wounded Street Dog


8th September 2022

TOLFA September Newsletter

8th June 2022

Rescue Story Newsletter: Neera the Buffalo, Saved From A Fire

4th April 2022

Fundraiser for Our New Rescue Vehicle

Cover of TOLFA's 2020 Magazine featuring a tan puppy

12th October 2020

TOLFA Special 15th Anniversary Magazine

Cover of the Love, Bella book

28th June 2020

Love, Bella: Best Friends and Biscuits

Yours magazine cover article with Rachel Wright

28th September 2019

Yours magazine interview with Rachel Wright, TOLFA Founder

VN Times cover of interview with Rachel Wright

28th October 2018

VN Times interview with Rachel Wright, TOLFA Founder

VN Times article feature on Rachel Wright RCVS Awards

28th July 2018

VN Times RCVS Awards article featuring Rachel Wright

Section of Tailshaser Times article on TOLFA

7th March 2018

Tailchaser Times magazine article on TOLFA

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