Rescue and Care

Our largest project provides emergency medical treatment to sick and injured street animals

There are an estimated 35 million stray dogs living in India, many of whom need urgent medical attention. Through our veterinary hospital and street treatments we relieve the pain and suffering of stray and abandoned animals. Our rescue service covers the cities of Pushkar and Ajmer, as well as the surrounding villages. We provide rescued animals with the veterinary treatment, rehabilitation, and the love they need. Once an animal has recovered at TOLFA they are returned to their original environment. If they are too vulnerable to go back, they will stay here at our shelter. You can see some of the animals we’ve helped in our Happy Tails.

Treating a tan and white dog with a head wound

TOLFA has three Rescue Vehicles and each one is staffed by a driver and either two or three other rescue staff.  From 8am until 11pm our teams are out and about rescuing animals that are sick or injured.  Our small animal rescue team, rescues dogs and cats and brings them back to the hospital for admission.  Our large animal rescue team do the same but for cows, donkeys and any other large animal.  Our third rescue team provide treatments on the spot for any animal that only has a minor problem.  TOLFA’s rescue teams are highly skilled and experts at rescuing animals found in any kind of situation.

Calf suckling from a cow with a bandaged leg

Animals who are too young, too old or disabled are offered lifelong sanctuary here. An increasing amount of dogs and cats have caregivers – local people who look out for them in their community.