Animal Welfare Education

TOLFA teaches children and the wider community about animal welfare and rabies prevention

Our education project connects with local schools to teach our animal welfare curriculum. We also distribute easy to understand information about rabies awareness and prevention. The majority of rabies victims are children, so it is vitally important that they understand how to safely interact with street dogs and what to do if someone is bitten. TOLFA’s school visits provide children with engaging material about caring for animals and the international Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare. You can see our video made for school children below

Illustration of Indian animals from TOLFA's Five Freedoms video

A lot of cruelty and abuse of animals can stem through fear and ignorance. We work within our community to dispel the myths around rabies and provide essential information that can save lives. Increasing rabies awareness breaks down misconceptions around street dogs, meaning they will be treated better and valued more in their communities.

Through education we can create a more caring and understanding world, free from rabies.