We are located in a rural area surrounded by quiet villages and dusty fields, but we receive many emergency calls from the city

TOLFA enjoys a beautiful position among the ancient Aravalli hills. In this region, you will find the commonplace street animals of India: dogs, cats, and cows as well as the ‘working’ animals of local people – mostly goats but also buffalo, donkeys, and camels.

Pushkar is host to an annual and incredibly popular Camel Fair – a traditional meeting and gathering of tribal people from all over Rajasthan for the purpose of trading animals, socialising and sharing cultural pursuits, such as music and dance. The event has become increasingly popular with western tourists as well as Indian visitors.

View of Pushkar buildings, lake and mountain

Rajasthan is one of the most conservative states of India and in rural areas many people still live a very traditional lifestyle. Ajmer has a higher population, busier streets, and more promising food sources for animals than Pushkar, which is a town of Hindu religious significance and is strictly vegetarian.

With a richness of so many religions, castes and languages, it is key to have a good cultural understanding to make any serious progress in the work of animal welfare. TOLFA is sensitive to cultural issues while also maintaining a clear objective in benefitting the health and welfare of India’s animals.

Rajasthani man feeding a cow on the steps

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Architectural plan of TOLFA

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