TOLFA wouldn’t be anything without our amazing staff who work tirelessly to take care of the animals we rescue

Rachel still works on the ground at TOLFA as our India Project Coordinator, working with our team to make sure every animal receives excellent care and all our projects run smoothly and effectively.

From our highly skilled head doctor to our rescue teams, to our nurturing staff and maintenance team, everyone has a part to play and works extremely hard, in often challenging conditions.

We employ over 50 people from the local community, many of whom have suffered discrimination or prejudice because of their caste. Caste in India is the social status that a person is born with and affects who a person can marry, where they can work and even who they are friends with. Our staff are aged from 18-60 and often support their entire extended family on their wage. In fact, over 300 individuals are financially supported by all the staff TOLFA employs!

TOLFA gives training and opportunities to people who would struggle to find these elsewhere. As a result, there is a great family atmosphere at TOLFA (many of our staff are related to each other!) and team spirit. Creating job satisfaction and supporting the staff is almost as important as caring for the animals. Many of our staff have been with us since the early days and are an integral part of TOLFA.

We are united in our love for animals and looking after their welfare. Many of our staff have animals at their own homes, including dogs and puppies adopted from TOLFA.

At TOLFA we feel more like a family than just work colleagues.


Our TOLFA Teams: