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30th June 2023

Help Us Flood Proof Our Hospital

TOLFA staff member wading through flood water, followed by a black dog

TOLFA has experienced significant flooding and structural damage from the annual monsoon as well as unseasonable weather events since 2019.

A result of climate change in the desert region of India in which we are based, these conditions are proving challenging in many ways. We have raised the floor level of some of our kennels and buildings, but require more funds to complete this work across our hospital and shelter.

The constant cycle of torrential rain and flooding which lasts for at least 2 months every year means the buildings are left with water damage and are crumbling. We have successfully flood-proofed other parts of our hospital by raising the floor levels. We plan to do this with the remaining buildings by lifting them up and correcting the water damage.

The buildings will be raised soundly above the flood level meaning that we won’t have to make temporary fixes to crumbling walls caused by water damage. When these works are undertaken will be able to continue helping animals in need and be able to provide the best chance of recovery for the animals in our care.

Please help us complete these vital building works so we don’t have to work through the floods again.

Click the link below to go direct to our Global Giving campaign

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