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5th April 2023

Fundraiser for New Cat Cages and Care

TOLFA staff member lovingly holding a ginger cat


The number of cats TOLFA Animal Hospital treats has increased five times from 2015 to 2022. Last year we admitted 358 cats to the hospital, and treated a further 184 cats through our street treatments. We want to install twelve new stainless steel cages in our cat house for cats undergoing treatment. At the moment we don’t have suitable facilities in the cat house and the cats under treatment are sharing space in a puppy ward. We can also employ a dedicated cat nurturer to help care for them.

Until Friday 7th April Global Giving will match your generosity at 50% on ALL online donations up to $50 (approx £42)

Achieving our goal of £5,389 will not only mean we’ll have suitable cages for our sickest cats installed in the cat house, but we’ll also be able to employ a nurturer who will specifically care for our cats, providing comfort, grooming, play and exercise.

Please help our cats land on their feet this time.

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